Armstrong Marine Consulting, Inc. helped get a foreign passenger ship into U.S. service by writing the safety training
, developing the emergency duties bill, and training the crew in their emergency duties.  The hotel services members
of the crew performed their emergency duties as well as the professional mariners at the Coast Guard drills.  Ask us about
the Ukrainian passenger ship.

If your vessel has been detained for poor drill performance:  

We have rescued several ships from U.S. Coast Guard detention for poor emergency drill performance.  Our one-day on-
board  program includes training the crew in the factors the Coast Guard considers important, and conducting a series of
drills which we rate for the crew as if we were the Coast Guard.  We also contact the Coast Guard to find out how the crew
failed in order to tailor the training program.  We will be on board during the Coast Guard’s revisit to answer questions and
explain the crew’s actions.  
In all cases the ship's detention was lifted the next day when the Coast Guard returned, observed
the drills, and pronounced themselves satisfied.  

If you are changing crews, or have a history of being boarded by the Coast Guard and want to prepare for the next Coast
Guard boarding
, we can lecture on general fire fighting, equipment and abandon ship procedures, emphasizing the factors
the Coast Guard considers important, and run the crew through a series of  fire and boat drills as if we were the Coast
using the Coast Guard's own evaluation criteria.

Please note that we can not provide emergency drills training to a vessel if we have been forced to fail the crew's drill effort in our role as the
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