Qualification Summary        

President, Armstrong Marine Consulting and Surveying, Inc.  Company services based on a challenging 20-year career with
US Coast Guard in the marine safety field.  Fully trained Coast Guard inspector, investigator and licensing and manning
specialist.  Held successively senior management and operational positions, including Chief, Inspection Department.  

Sample Work Through Armstrong Marine Consulting

  • Harmonized or individual International Safety Management Code and International Ship and Port Facility Security Code
    audits of Liberian flag vessels, including issuing or endorsing the Safety Management Certificate and International Ship
    Security Certificate.
  • Nautical inspector for the Republics of Liberia and Marshall Islands, conducting flag-state required annual safety
    inspections covering the ship and it major systems.
  • Safety Training Manual, emergency duties, and training program for non-US flag passenger ship.  Also provided
    emergency and safety training to crew and non-marine crew members.  
  • Oil transfer procedures.
  • SOPEPs.
  • Non-tank Vessel Response Plans.
  • Fire and abandon ship drill training to non-US flag vessels, including those that failed Coast Guard drills.
  • Expert witness in background, interpretation and application of U.S. Coast Guard regulations, policies and procedures.  
  • Investigated grounding, major fires and crew deaths on Liberian flag ships for Republic of Liberia, including drafting facts,
    conclusions and recommendations, and working with U.S. government investigators.
  • Working vessels through the US Coast Guard inspection process, including project management.
  • Wrote Obtaining a Certificate of Inspection for Your Boat, copyright 2006.

Vessel Security and Safety Management

ISPS and ISM Code Auditor and Nautical Inspector for the Republic of Liberia.  Drafted and received Coast Guard approval
for Vessel Security Plans for a variety of US Flag vessels.  Drafted and received Coast Guard approval for Facility Security
Plans for facilities receiving small passengers vessels.  Conducting internal audits and exercises for a variety of clients.  

Vessel Inspection

Directed activities of 39 inspectors and 4-person support staff as Chief of Inspection Department at Coast Guard’s Marine
Inspection Office New York.  Responsible for correct application of U.S. and international laws and regulations to commercial
vessels for construction, repair, operation and manning.  Area of responsibility included New York, Europe, Mediterranean
basin, Africa and Middle East.  Subordinates routinely inspected $500M worth of drill rigs, ships, barges and boats of all
types on a daily basis.

While assigned to Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Office Guam, became first junior officer inspector to work solo outside U.S.
soil.  Result:  Complete change in Coast Guard’s administration of overseas inspections.

Currently conducting vessel inspections for the Republics of Liberia and the Marshall Islands.  Shepherding US Flag vessels
through Coast Guard inspections, including structural, machinery and equipment pre-inspections and emergency drills.  Also
providing expert witness assistance.

New Construction

Headed on-site inspection team in Germany responsible for federal government's role in new construction of largest capacity
U.S. flag container ships ever built (a $250M project).  Filled twin responsibilities of project manager and chief inspector.  
Developed money and time-saving alternatives for design and installation problems.  Monitored project progress; pro actively
controlled and directed inspector activities.  Able to deliver certificate of inspection to first vessel before all plans were

While assigned to MSO Guam, given sole responsibility of first new construction for U.S. flag in Korea, a 585 ft. oil industry
launch barge for jackets up to 30,000 metric tonnes.  Vessel had four types of steel, including 2-inch thick mild steel main

Vessel Repairs

Responsible for grounding damage survey, and deciding extent of repairs to a new 265,000-deadweight ton tank ship.  
Inspection and repairs performed in southern Japan.  Total steel replaced:  1,200 tons.

Conducted dry dock and other inspections as Coast Guard’s resident inspector in four U.S. shipyards.  Conducted dry dock
and other inspections in foreign shipyards in Far East and Africa.

Currently guiding a variety of vessels, including a tank barge built over 60 years ago, through Coast Guard inspections, dry
dockings and repairs.

Small Passenger Vessels

Retained to get a 600-passenger, 200 ft passenger vessel back into service.  Brought on board to get the project back on
track.  Met with remaining managers, examined vessel and worked out a project task management assignment and tracking
system, assigned responsibilities, worked with the managers and federal regulators, and within months the vessel was in

Fully qualified by Coast Guard as small passenger vessel inspector for vessels under construction and in service.  Currently
assisting clients by drawing Coast Guard required plans showing vessels’ construction and outfitting, and shepherding
clients’ boats through Coast Guard inspections, including simplified stability tests.  Wrote "Obtaining a Certificate of
Inspection for your Boat."

Seaman Licensing, Manning

Managed Coast Guard's second largest Regional Examination Center, located at New York, NY.  Staff of 15 handled over
1500 license and merchant mariners document transactions a month evaluating, testing and documenting suitability of
merchant mariners from master to wiper.

Currently reviewing manning and seamen documents and licenses for Liberia when examining their vessels, providing
guidance to clients with US flag vessels and expert witness assistance.

Casualty Investigation

Served as Recorder of a joint U.S. Coast Guard & NTSB investigation of the explosion of the supertanker m/v SURF CITY.  
Investigated, assembled evidence, formally questioned witnesses under oath, drafted report, including conclusions and

Investigated major casualties (grounding, fires, crew deaths) on Liberian flag ships for Republic of Liberia, including drafting
facts, conclusions and recommendations, and working with U.S. Coast Guard investigators.

Testimony as Expert Witness

Testified in court, been formally deposed and have written expert witness opinions for use by attorneys to negotiate case
settlements.  Expert opinions have generally focused on the plaintiff or defendant's actions and how the U.S. Coast Guard
rules, policies and procedures did or could have affected those actions.  Reviewed and analyzed case material and pointed
out where further information could be useful to the defendant or plaintiff's case.

Fee as an expert witness is charged without regard to outcome of a case.

Experience Summary


PRESIDENT, Armstrong Marine Consulting and Surveying, Inc.  Nautical Inspector for the Republics of Liberia and the
Marshall Islands.  International Ship and Port Security Code and International Safety Management Code auditor for the
Republic of Liberia.  Marine consultant, marine surveyor, marine casualty investigator.   

US Coast Guard:

MARINE SAFETY OFFICE, Tampa, FL:  Chief, Inspection and Investigation Departments.

MARINE INSPECTION OFFICE, New York:  Chief, Inspection Department; Training Officer; Project Manager & Chief
Inspector, New Construction, Germany; Chief, Regional Examination Center; Hull/Foreign Inspections Supervisor; Plan
Review Officer; Chief Inspector, Hoboken Shipyard.


COAST GUARD HEADQUARTERS:  Commercial Vessel Safety Program R&D Coordinator ($2.5M budget); Contingency
Planning Officer (Marine Safety Program annexes to war plans).

MARINE SAFETY OFFICE, Guam:  Chief, Port Safety Department; Inspector, Far East; Investigating Officer; License and
merchant mariner's document examiner; Shipping Commissioner.

MARINE INSPECTION OFFICE, San Francisco:  Qualified as inspector, license and merchant mariner's document examiner,
shipping commissioner, and investigation officer.  Worked in Port Safety Department.  Also, Hull Inspector Supervisor.

Formal Education

  • California Maritime Academy; B.S. degree & license Third Mate, Steam or Motor Vessels, Any Gross Tons, Oceans
  • Management & Economics courses, City College of New York
  • Business and Accounting courses, Northern Virginia Community College

Technical Education       

  • ISM Code Auditor course with certification, LISCR
  • ISPS Code Auditor course with certification, LISCR
  • ISO 9000 Internal Auditor course, Univ. of South Florida
  • Individual Terrorism Awareness, U.S. Army
  • Radiographic Film Interpretation, U.S. Army
  • Readiness Planning (war), U.S. Coast Guard
  • Principles of Welding, Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA
  • Introduction to Nondestructive Testing, Contra Costa College
  • Port Security/Law Enforcement School, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Boat School, U. S. Coast Guard
  • Pollution Prevention School, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Merchant Marine Inspection School, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Consulting
  • Analysis
  • Surveys
  • Advice
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