This book was written for owners thinking about an initial certification of an existing boat under Subchapter T (up to 150
passengers, or up to 49 overnight passengers, less than 100 GT).  It's designed to provide insight into the areas of the
Coast Guard regulations that could have the highest cost to the owner, or impact on the boat.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction        
  • How Regulations Are Applied        
  • Steps to Obtaining a Certificate of Inspection        
  • Drawing Plans for Coast Guard Approval        
  • Vessel Construction        
  • Vessel Arrangement        
  • Calculating Passengers          
  • Stability        
  • Subdivision        
  • Fire Fighting        
  • Lifesaving        
  • Bilge System        
  • Machinery        
  • Fuel Tanks        
  • Electrical        
  • Electronics        
  • Crew Requirements        
  • Appealing Decisions        
  • Inspection Fees (federal)      
  • Glossary         
  • Sample Plans        
  • US Coast Guard Forms    

The book is spiral-bound so you can fold it flat on the console or
deck while you work through your boat.  It's 8.5" x 11" so you can fill out
included forms.
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